PHANTOM is intent on rebuilding the world - and whether you like it or not, you're going to help.
Parts are a variety of objects scattered about the Wilderness. A deactivated Agent must gather them for the Phantom Trader to regain connection to AERIE.

About 20% of parts are ionized, which the Trader can convert into power for a player's HoloDev. The other 80% are various odds and ends the Trader will take to help PHANTOM rebuild the world. In repayment the Trader will have his Hackerbird deliver credits to whomever you choose still in the AERIE.

Ionized parts

Name Description Image
Fragmented motherboard Once used for advanced computing.
Stabilizer Ironically, ionized charge still clings to it.
Batteries Slim and ion chargable.
Ion cables A bundle of ionized cables.
Ion circuit A high-tech circuit board.
Broken HoloPhone A communication device from the past.
TerraFormer Popular for gardening in days gone by, this consumer product used to run on ion power.
Silicon shard Piece of a popular tech asset.
Filter An advanced filtration device for multiple substances.
Doll ... Why is this ionized?

Non-Ionized parts

Name Description Image
Sturdy stick I mean, it's handy, I guess.
Scrap metal Good luck lugging this over to the Trader.
Grating Larger metal sheets that could be used for construction.
Glass pane Only somewhat broken.
Tarp A couple yards of tough material.
Ceramic shards
Hovercart Power died, but maybe they can attach wheels?
Insulated cables A bundle of cables - not ionized, alas.
Analog circuit An old-fashioned circuit board.
Carburetor You have no idea what this was for.
Oil The container leaks a bit.
Junk You'll let the Trader sort through this mess.
Box of personal belongings Dusty and unclaimed - maybe the Trader will find their owner.
Old map You don't recognize any of the locations.
Someone was in a rush to leave.