Approximations (Proxies in AERIE slang) are plants and animals found in the AERIE. Unlike the human residents, these are pure code, not linked to anything in the real world.

Due to the myriad of "enhancements" proxies are made with, it isn't uncommon for them to come with some flaws.

Proxy technology is responsible for the creation of white ravens (a notable failure) and PIP bots.

Creation and AER Corporation Control Edit

Proxies are made to mimic organic lifeforms through digital transmutation of DNA into a simpler, more controllable base code. Rarely do proxies perfectly resemble their real-world counterparts due to many aesthetic, behavioral, and utilitarian modifications. Also, due to the immensely complicated nature of DNA, complete control over the coded result is impossible. Many proxies exhibit odd flaws.

Multiple professions in the AERIE relate to proxies. Proxy Designers plan the look, form and possible function of proxies, sometimes in cohort with larger urban planning or architectural projects. These are submitted to AER Mainframe Agents for greenlighting. Greenlit plans might then go to scientists and/or programmers, who work with the DNA references to build the code. Finished code returns to AER agents for final approval before getting inserted into the Mainframe.

In this way, AERCorp retains control over the flora and fauna inserted into the AERIE. The oversight is necessary due to the unpredictable nature of the creations.

However, with the aid of a particularly talented Proxy Scientist who turned against the AER company years ago, talented underground programmers may be able to splice some of their own creations into the world.

Flora Edit

All trees, flowers, grasses, and the like in the AERIE are proxied, no matter how lifelike they look. This allows for a huge variety of colors and looks that add to the beautification of the AERIE.

Fauna & FailureEdit

As with plants, animals make for popular proxies, although they are more difficult to create.

Simpler proxies are more common - for example, the AerCat and AerDog pets, who have a specific set of simple (sometimes silly) everyday functions and can be upgraded for credits. These come in limited models, although can be aesthetically customized depending on the trends.

After the white ravens, the notorious failed attempt to add proxy birds into the game, AER became more hesitant to greenlight sentience into anything with a DNA base. More complicated programming is usually reserved for robots - they're more controllable.