Yeoc is a Black Market NPC and vendor who sells Lil'Bot deployables. 

Personality Edit

Yeoc is sharp, cautious, and independant. She grew up fending for herself and refuses to let the luxurious AERIE get her guard down.

Every since she was young Yeoc has loved technology in all forms, and she takes great pride in her engineering skills. She is well known for her tech experimentations (which end up with varying degrees of legality) and her remarkably effective tactics at selling them.

She has a surprising soft side that comes out in regards to her Lil'Bot creations. She becomes uncharacteristically mother-hen-like and occasionally develops pet names for them.

History Edit

Yeoc experienced a brutal livelihood in the Wilderness before winning her way into the AERIE. The peace and prosperity of the virtual world came as a relief, but after a while the conformist culture set her with unease. Always one to find her own solution to her problems, Yeoc contributed to the early stages of the Black Market, helping undermine AERIE's native economy to give a route for independents to profit and create without regulation.

She is adamant about keeping a neutral stance for her business when it comes to AER vs. PHANTOM politics. However, her initial distrust of Agent players suggests more personal sympathies for PHANTOM's cause. 

Given her past experiences, Yeoc has no desire to leave the AERIE in her lifetime - not until the real world has something worth going back to again.

Relations to Agents/HackersEdit

Though outwardly neutral towards the motives of AER and PHANTOM, Yeoc is more distrustful of Agents until they've purchased enough of her wares, and may offer discounts to Hackers.

Yeoc's trade is technically illegal, but Agents tend to turn a blind eye if it means helping them root out PHANTOM.